Areas of Law: Civil Law

Real estate

Handling disputes and problems concerning:
- property law and co-property law
- apartment co-property law
- usufruct
- possession
- purchase on the basis of a blueprint


Filip Gilson
Dominiek Maes
Lieve Coosemans


Contracts and agreements

Drafting and checking of agreements and handling of disputes concerning, among other things:
- purchase and sale
- rental law, commercial rental law, residential rental law, etc.
- brokerage and mandate agreements


Filip Gilson
Ilse Samoy
Dominiek Maes
Céline Heinkens


Liability and Insurance law

The firm handles a wide range of disputes and problems in the fields of liability law, damage settlements, and insurance law, mainly focusing on the following:


- Liability of the corporation and of corporate management, providing both civil and criminal defence
- Product liability. Liability of the manufacturer and the supplier.

Environmental liability

- Operational damage
- Liability for fires and explosions

Professionals and professional organisations (hospitals, etc.): 

- medical liability, professional liability 


- insurance technical problems
- physical damage
- work-related accident insurance, life insurance, fire insurance, business and after-delivery civil liability insurance, traffic accident insurance
- liability of engineers, architects, contractors

Private individuals:

- serious bodily damage, property and economic loss
- civil and criminal liability


Fabienne Legrand
Vincent Coigniez
Yoeri Deckers
Gabriel Ghyselen
Ilse Samoy
Lut Leys
Katlijn Pollaris
Yasmine De Greef
Sam Baeten


Inheritance law, gifts, donations, wills and testaments

Handling disputes concerning succession on the basis of inheritance law, both with and without a will, as well as disputes regarding gifts


Dominiek Maes
Lieve Coosemans

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