Which guarantees does EUROJURIS offer?

All EUROJURIS firms are well established and reputable law firms. All of the members of the network are carefully selected and abide by the following quality standards, which were set down at the General Assembly of EUROJURIS International on 27 November 1998 in Vienna.

1. Set out a policy governing quality of services

This entails, among other things, that:

  • each firm appoints a person responsible for the quality of services.
  • the responsibilities of each lawyer and personnel member are specified.
  • information and control structures are implemented
  • a yearly internal audit is conducted, a copy of which is sent to EUROJURIS BELGIUM.

2. Respect for the ethical rules proper to the profession

The ethical rules of the legal profession must be strictly observed, including the code of CCBE rules, even though this European code has not yet been approved.

3. Confidentiality

Subject to exceptions determined by national legislation, each lawyer working for a EUROJURIS firm must guard the confidentiality of the information entrusted by the clients.

4. Promptness

Within 1 workday potential clients are notified that the firm has received their request to handle their case, that the firm does or does not accept the case, and, if so, the identity of the lawyer who will handle the case.

If desired, information regarding the method of handling the case is provided, as well as an indication of the services to be performed and the expected costs.

5. Privileged-Client Status

A client who is referred by one EUROJURIS firm to another such firm can count on the same quality of service as that received by privileged clients of the office to which he or she is referred.

6. High Quality of Service

In each firm procedures are set up to:

  • ascertain in each case the background facts, the problems, and the desires of the client
  • inform the client accurately and consistently about the development of the case
  • draw up a detailed list of all the costs and fees at the close of the case and return all original documents to the client
  • indicate to the client possible problems that remain when the case is closed and suggest how these problems can best be approached.

7. Professional liability insurance

At a minimum all member firms are insured for an amount of 375,000 per damage claim. 
The law firm of Legrand & PARTNERS is insured for an amount of roughly 865,000 .

8. Knowledge of languages

Member firms of EUROJURIS commit themselves to the long-time goal of handling cases in another language besides their own national language.

9. Information technology

EUROJURIS firms have access to an infrastructure that utilizes the most recent technological developments, enabling them to react immediately and accurately.


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