The Law Firm


1. Costs

In addition to the lawyer’s fee, a fee is charged for the law firm and for secretarial expenses. This fee is either calculated on the basis of a set price per item (file opening, correspondence, registered mail, telephone calls, copies, photos, travel costs, etc.), or on a flat-rate percentage of the fees.

The bailiff’s costs are handed over to the clients with a request to pay these directly to the bailiff.

Procedural costs that are advanced by the law firm are mentioned afterwards in detail in the final statement of fees of the law firm.

2. Fees

Remuneration for legal services is calculated at an average hourly rate. This amount varies in function of the urgency of the case, the specialised character of the work, the result achieved, the type of service provided, the lawyer working on the case, etc.

In cases involving physical damages and recoveries a different method of calculation of the fees may be applied, one based on the damages awarded.

Moreover, the firm observes the following principles:

  • It is always possible to make a prior agreement regarding the fee.
  • In certain cases, an advance or interim payment is required. At the request of the client, it is also possible to draw up an interim statement of fees.
  • With the completion of the case, a final statement of fees is drawn up with a detailed list of the costs and the services provided. All pieces of evidence and procedural documents are returned to the client.

As of January, 1 2014 our fees and costs are to be increased by 21% VAT.

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