Entrepreneurship is sometimes compared to a top sport. There are many different aspects of entrepreneurship one has to deal with. Legal assistance and guidance are indispensable in this respect today.

Legrand Advocaten is the right partner for this and can assist your company in areas such as :

  • contracts
  • business practices
  • the creation of companies, associations and non-profit organisations, and the drafting of articles of association
  • assistance with mergers, demergers and dissolution of companies
  • shareholder agreements
  • liability of legal persons, directors and managers
  • product liability
  • transfer of businesses and commercial assets, shares and assets
  • collection of unpaid invoices
  • loan agreements, consumer credit, mortgage credit, sureties and credit disputes
  • seizure and execution
  • securities and privileges
  • firms in difficulty, bankruptcies, debt declarations
  • disputes concerning the awarding and execution of public contracts