Liability & insurance

With the further legalisation of society, the role of liability law and the demand for insurance cover are increasing. The range of possible (and sometimes mandatory) insurances is constantly increasing. This trend will undoubtedly continue in the future.

Over the years, we have built up extensive expertise in liability and insurance law, as well as in the estimation and repair of damages. We keep a close eye on developments in these areas and are happy to help our clients with questions and problems relating to these matters:

  • Damages and damage estimates: personal injury, operating loss, financial loss, etc.
  • professional liability (contractors, engineers, architects, real estate agents, insurance intermediaries, bankers, notaries, lawyers, etc.)
  • medical liability
  • governmental liability
  • environmental liability
  • product liability
  • workplace accidents
  • road accidents
  • cable damages
  • extent of insurance cover, subrogation, expiry of cover, recourse action, application of policy conditions, ...